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I love terrariums.  I’m not sure what is is about them that is so attractive to me–but they call to me.  Green, sparkly, compact–and not to mention, virtually maintenance free.  My sister and I visited a garden store in town called City Planter that has a lovely selection of terrariums, as well as classes and all the fixin’s you need to make them yourself.  It was pure viewing pleasure.

City Planter is just such a beautiful place.  A little more eye candy…

Caroline liked it too =)

I was feeling indulgent (towards myself) so I picked up a few darlings to replenish the terrariums I had at home that needed sprucing up (I only kill plants sometimes).

Instead of buying your container from a fancy garden store–which will mark up the price exponentially–I recommend picking up your glass vessels/jars from a place like HomeGoods or Michaels.  Here is another link for some great cheap apothecary jars.

Terrariums brighten up any window.

The navy blue greek key fabric I ordered for the chairs came in the mail.  I’m a little disappointed with the pattern because it is very small.  I thought the pattern was slightly larger.  It looks a little busier than I was going for. I guess that is why you should always order a swatch before taking the plunge!  On the upside, the fabric company accidentally sent me a couple yards of a grey dwell studio fabric that is pretty cute. Maybe I’ll use it for the chairs instead.


I went to Home Depot to buy an upholstery gun and to Michaels to buy batting for the seat.  Here is a good blog piece about choosing the right upholstery gun for you. Love that I just stumbled on the LittleGreenNotebook because of a google search.

Now I just have to put the pedal to the metal, so to speak.

I went thrifting today with my friend Andi.  We saw a little gem at one place, but I thought it was a little pricey at $120:

We also saw an awesome midcentury ‘pecan’ dining room table at a decent price–the table was about $50 and each of the six chairs were $50.  The table is from 1956.  I neglected to take pictures of the table and the website photo doesn’t do justice to the lovely architecture of the woodwork–but suffice it to say, I would have snapped it up if I had not just gotten two thirds of the way through refinishing the table I found at Karl’s.

Not much else happening at the consignment angle, so we went across the street to Dwelling, the “if I had money” store.  The Dwelling showroom is a rehabbed old warehouse filled with lots and lots of beautiful pieces to dream about.  Two ceramic end tables (priced at roughly $600 and $400 respectively) made me rethink my earlier assessment of the ceramic end table I had seen across the street.

Here are a few more of the fun things we saw:

Love this orange trellis carpet!

Some fun pillows:

And some interesting light fixtures:

Should I go back to the consignment store and buy the table?

I was poking around on Houzz, which is one of my favorite ways to procrastinate (and get inspired), and I came across an awesome idea book on coral.  I loved one of the pictures the author posted so much, that I decided to start designing the bathroom around the prints (from pixiepixels on Etsy):


I picked a slightly lighter (and in my view, beach-ier) blue shade for the paint.  I used Sherwin Williams zero voc Harmony paint in Wishful Blue, number 6813.  I like to use ‘eggshell” which is a little less glossy than a semi-gloss, because I feel that a little shine lightens up rooms, and I like being able to wipe off the inevitable and ubiquitous little hand prints. I wanted to give you a paint chip, but Sherwin Williams’ website doesn’t seem to be working.  I’ll supply it later.

I am a terrible photographer, so the color doesn’t really come out here, but this is what the room looked like with its new coat:


I was flirting with the idea of painting the laundry hamper gold. Haha!  I only sprayed the top to see what it looked like but my husband hated it, so I think I’ll go back to white.  I will probably eventually get a new hamper, since this one has been around for eons and I kind of hate it, but paint is a nice cheap alternative to an expensive new hamper for the moment.

Anyway, then I hung the set of prints.  (I got the frames and mats from Utrecht for $20 each.  I’m sure Michaels has something similar for cheaper, but Michaels was too far away and I didn’t want to deal with a mat cutter–plus their website is not super helpful.  




It looks like I hung them pretty high, but I’m thinking of putting a basket or something on top of the toilet.  I’d also like to find a full length mirror or cute little storage cabinet or shelf for between the toilet and the shower.  I also want to find a nice luxurious bath mat…