Sea Legs (or, post marathon scoot)

I was pleasantly surprised that by the second day post Philly marathon my legs were totally fine. The first day post marathon my knees were a little sore, but I didn’t “feel as if I just ran a marathon.”

Clearly, I didn’t run it fast enough.

In any event, was ready to get back on the road pretty quickly. While we were down in Florida visiting my folks for the Thanksgiving holiday I had the chance to run my favorite zen terrain – the beach. I only went about four miles because I didn’t want to miss out on Caroline’s first time flying a kite. But it was fantastic.

Here’s an action shot.



Home to some great running.  Just me and the birds and one or two other runners and shell collectors.






Now I feel like I’d like to tackle a second marathon. Relatively near term. I know about Bermuda and Orlando, but are there any others (not Boston, people) that might be fun? I just don’t know how thrilled old hubsters would be if I went to Bermuda by myself and left him with the girls.

  1. jgabryn said:

    I recommend the Jacksonville Beaches ‘26.2 with Donna’ -National Marathon to Finish Breast cancer! In the middle it comes down Selva Marina Drive. The timing is somewhere around St. Valentine’s Day.

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