I come from a family of alpha cooks.  You know the ones.  If you are in the kitchen with an alpha cook, chances are, on a good day you are relegated to sous chef-ing, or on a bad day, you are banished to the sitting area with a drink in hand  (or vice versa, depending on your mood or inclination).  It makes for a hectic active kitchen when everyone is an alpha.

I digress purely for added texture.

This morning we all put our little alpha hands together to make apple streudel.  A lovely Thanksgiving tradition.  Caroline is a little alpha in the making.

The recipe is good ‘ole Betty Crocker.  With a few tweaks.

Apple Streudel

We used packaged filo dough instead of making our own (much easier). We added craisins and we plumped the raisins and craisins with rum over night. (I was plumping as well).  And we used more butter than the recipe called for.  Because you can never have too much butter, right?  Nota bene – by “we” I mean my amazing mother and father.  I was taking pictures and drinking champagne.  And eating the sugary apples. And ‘helpfully’ backseat cooking at times, as is my wont.

Now we’re rollin’

Beautiful, and oh-so easy when you use packaged filo dough and have an army of alphas in your kitchen. And an apple peeler/corer from Williams and Sonoma.  And a few bottles of champagne.

Delicious! I snuck a taste of a streudel that “accidentally” came apart when we took it off of the baking sheet.


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