Woot Woot (or, the morning after pills)

I survived my first marathon.  I ran a 4:06.  I was hoping for a sub 4:00. (maybe next time).  I’m actually feeling perfectly fine today–except for my poor knees.  I iced and took tylenol, and I think that pretty much did the trick for the rest of my body.  I was a waste of space yesterday after the race, but what else would you expect?

Thank you for the cheers and comments on Facebook!  Here are some pictures from yesterday.

It was about 39 degrees at the start.  Perfect marathon weather. 

I couldn’t believe how many people ran!  The course was pretty full the entire 26 miles.  It was nice to see the New York marathoners running Philly. 

Overall, I thought I ran a decent race. One of the hardest parts was keeping my pace in check at the beginning of the race.  Hindsight being what it is, I could have paced a little faster because I had too much left at the end.  Oh well, you run and you learn.

Pam jumped in at 13 to run the back half with me.  Thank goodness for her company!  It was such a morale booster to see her when I came around the bend up to the Art Museum. 

I thought it would be funny to take a picture of us while we were running.  I added some special effects so you could get a feel for the action:

during Philadelphia marathon

Josh was awesome. He walked me to the start, and then he cheered for me at mile 7 at 22nd and Chestnut, mile 13 at the boathouses, and then again at the finish. Jessica brought the girls and met up with Josh at the finish line. 

You might not be able to tell from this picture, but I was not feeling particularly awesome.  It was kind of strange–the worst part of the race was stopping. It was like my legs were programed to just keep going.   I couldn’t feel my legs or my feet the last few miles of the race, but I heard them loud and clear as soon as we slowed down past the finish line.  I also felt a little bit like I wanted to vomit. But I didn’t.

It took me about an hour to walk home.  It was a long painful walk, but I think I walked off some of the lactic acid.

Post Philadelphia marathon

Phew!  Glad that is over.  Now I’m ready to eat my face off for thanksgiving.  So what, a full thanksgiving plate is around 50 weightwatchers points?  I think I’ve earned a little trukey and gravy.

And no, I don’t think I’ll be doing a turkey trot on Thursday morning.

  1. Well done Jocie Girl, well done. And Thank You So Much to Pam for being a really amazing friend and working with you to complete this challenge. This sure is an impressive accomplishment. Can’t wait to see you in a few days to give you a hug!

  2. Mark said:

    Congratulations to you! Any marathon finish is an accomplishment. Be proud of yourself! I’m really glad you enjoyed the article with the course description and felt it was helpful. I’m the guy would provided that overview for the article and also at the expo. I wish you would have attended the seminar and introduced yourself. I tried to provide first-timer tips to those attending. Again, well done. Mark

    • Thanks so much, Mark! I will certainly look for you at the expo next year.

      • Mark said:

        Please do look for me at the expo. I was told I will be asked to speak again next year. By then, you probably won’t be as concerned with a course overview – after all, you’ll be an experienced marathoner! Mark

  3. jgabryn said:

    Gosh! I love this de-brief. The pictures are great. Wish we were there!

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