Winner winner chicken dinner

It was so hard to settle on a costume idea for the girls. Last week I finally just had to pick one and run with it, or we’d end up missing Halloween. So Monday night a week ago (the week before the Frankenstorm) I made a frantic Michaels run. I think I bought all the white and yellow feathers they had to offer–and lots of glue. This was not me at my most frugal–I was more concerned with not buying enough supplies and having to make the trek back to Michaels to reload. I ended up spending way more than I would have if I had simply purchsed the girl’s costumes. But frugality (is that a word or did I make it up?) isn’t or wasn’t really the point. (Clearly there were other forces at work here)

Then I had to design and construct said costumes. Thus began a long week of sleepless nights. I worked on the costumes each night until 1:00 am. Since I am training for a marathon I had to get up early in the mornings to run. And of course, Gigi is teething and has a stuffily nose–so she was up every other hour or so. There are only so many hours in the night.

I was planning to give a little tutorial–and some parts of the costumes might be easy to replicate–but I am thinking that perhaps people might not be super inclined to spend hours and hours glueing feathers. I did take some pictures along to way to illustrate the tutorial–so I’ll give them to you anyway. What I should have done (add it to the list…) is write at each stage of costume implementation. But I just didn’t have it in me.

Here was my inspiration:

Anyway, here is the chicken head in progress.  I started with a ball cap and sewed on strips of white felt.  I also attached a comb made from red felt.


Then I began glueing on feathers.  Lots and lots of feathers.


I love seeing pictures that bloggers post of their materials.  People do such a nice job arranging the shot and making it beautiful.  I had no time or inclination for this kind of thing, however.  My workstation was kind of a disaster area.  (Notice the corkscrew on the table….how did that get there?)20121101-101419.jpg


The pictures above and below illustrate how I made the body of the costume.  I used the same technique I used for the pumpkin from last year.  Kind of like a pillow case dress, I sewed elastic in the top and in the bottom, then attached it to a t-shirt.


Then I added more feathers.  I glued on each feather in the front.  Eventually I wised up and glued on a few feather boas in the back instead of individual feathers.  It created a nice feathery poofy effect.  I felt like I was getting ready for Carnaval, gente!


For Gigi’s costume I also used a white felt pillow case type arrangement.  I then glued some yellow fetahers around the top and around the leg holes. 


I sewed a little square cap with some elastic around the edges for the top of the eggshell, replete wit the requisite yellow feathers.   I also made a yellow felt cape (glued feathers, feathers etc) for Gigi’s chickie wings.  I dyed two pair of tights orange. (I didn’t know this about myself, but I love dying things)  Gigi got yellw rubber gloves for chickie feet. Gigi’s costume actually came together fairly easily and quickly.    


Here is C Money, ready to get there.  I love the windblown look.


Here is my little chicken at the parade.



Chickie Gigi, stealing the show:


Looking at the river with Papa.


My brood.  =)  (Gigi ended up eating a lot of the feathers because they were in her face–so perhaps not the best execution on this aspect)


Yes, we won “best costume” at the Schuykill River Park parade for the second year in a row – but who is counting other than me? But was it all worth it?

Caroline and Gigi (like their mama) LOVED the attention ( I lost count of how many people asked to take our picture).  Caroline had fun flapping her arms and ‘bokking.’  Gigi loved playing with the feathers and saying hello to everyone.  That alone makes it worth it to me.  (I also loved the trail of feathers we left wherever we went. I felt it added a certain drama.)

And we got to wear the costumes again yesterday for Halloween. (again continually snapped by the paparazzi, I might add–if I find some pics of the gang, I will upload)

I learned some valuable lessons for next year (like don’t wait until a few days before Halloween to start the costumes and avoid feathers at all costs) and hopefully now that everything is in writing–I won’t forget the lessons and make the same mistakes next year.

  1. jgabryn said:

    I felt like I was there for the ride!

  2. lauragaby said:

    This is awesome – such a crazy journey you went on but it absolutely seems to be worth it. I love how the girls appreciated the spotlight – I wish I could have heard the ‘bokking’. Well done Jocie Girl!! I especially like the corkscrew … mine seems to hang out on counter tops aswell; easy access, I guess =)

    It’s November … Marathon month!!! Keep me posted on your final training days. GOOD LUCK!

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