Halloween costume predicament

I had so much fun making Caroline’s halloween costume last year.  My lil pumpkin.  It didn’t hurt that we won an award for cutest baby costume in the Schuylkill River Trail halloween parade.

(This was a very simple design–I dyed everything orange, then sewed what was essentially a simple bag with elastic at each end onto a t shirt, then stuffed it with newspaper.  The stripey arm bands are from BabyLegs)

And now this year I am under pressure to whip up not one but two super cute cozzies.  (and by “under pressure” I mean I am a little competitive)

Here are some ideas I’m kicking around.  I’d better make up my mind soon, though, because the clock is ticking.  I really like the idea of putting the girls into a large poofy fruit or vegetable-type costume like this strawberry.  Mine wouldn’t be nearly as tidy, but it looks doable. The only problem is that I went with a vegetable (tuber?) last year, so maybe this is too similar.  Oh, and I think I would do the same costume for both girls.

I also think Gigi would make an adorable gnome.

Here is a good picture showing the details of this gnomeo version.  Definitely a silly idea for both girls.

And then, there is always the chicken costume.  I’m kind of like Gonzo in my special affinity for all things chickeny.  There are a number of variations of this theme, but here is the basic gist:

I’ve seen this one with yellow rubber gloves on the feet that are pretty hilarious.  And I love the potential for the accompanying Gigi number: hatchling baby chick.

Me and Josh could be farmers as shown in this example above. Maybe redneck it out a little bit for fun.  I think I have some great blonde wigs that could add just that je ne sais quoi.

And then (dun dun dunnnnn) there is the scary baby zombie/alien option busting out of mom’s t shirt.  This one makes me chuckle.  You could really run with this idea.  It might scare Caroline, though.

Does Lady Gaga have a drummer?  If so, I found a cool drum set how-to for a wheel chair that would also work for the stroller.  I’m sure Gigi would love the drum sticks.  This link has a great tutorial. Caroline could so work the Lady Gaga angle.

The other option with this idea is to go with the Muppet theme and make Gigi “Animal.”  Caroline could be Miss Piggy maybe?


So hard to choose!

  1. Jordan said:

    Definitely puppets mama!!

  2. lauragaby said:

    My vote is for Chichens and Garden Gnomes.

  3. lauragaby said:

    oops – chickens

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