Tubby Toy Roundup

Number 5 on the list of things that irk me–wet, stinky tubby toys strewn all over the tub. I’ve been searching for a clever way to corral rubber ducky, et al clutter. I tried Boon’s super cute suction froggy to no avail. Alas, the tiles in the bathroom are not smooth, so suction cups just ain’t gonna stick–and I wasn’t about to drill holes in the tile. (Well, actually, I was about to drill holes in the tile but my father told me it was a BAD idea–something to do with water potentially leaking behind the walls…)

Ha! Anyway–seemingly stumped, I was in the grocery store one day meandering aimlessly down the household cleaning products aisle (daydreaming that maybe one day my house will be clean…), when I spied a dish drying rack for 8 bucks. I had an “aha” moment and realized the dish rack was the solution to my problems.  The toys are under control, the water drains out, and the basket itself is kind of a toy. Perfect.




Notes:  The shower curtain is from Ikea, the blue bath mat is from Target, and the picture frames are from Michaels.

1 comment
  1. lauragaby said:

    … and the cute little blonde girl is happily playing with her toys in the bath – oblivious to her super cool surroundings. I love it!

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