I’ve been back at work two weeks now. Still trying to catch my breath and stop my head from spinning. (But staunchly firm in my belief that pantyhose can go to hell.)

I thought going back to work after having Gigi would be easier than it was going back after Caroline. After all-I’m not a ‘new’ mom any more-I’m more experienced, sophisticated and, let’s face it, hardened. Been there done that. Plus, I made the leap from private practice to government work.

I completely failed to take into account that I would be starting a new job outside my traditional area of expertise, that the job would be, well new – and that I would be missing two babies all day long instead of just one.

Aside from being completely (un)realistic in my expectations about how my September would play out (what?! of course I have time to do freelance work in the evenings, write blogs about fun projects, do the fun projects, oh, and feed my family the thoughtfully prepared dinners they have come to expect) – Fortune has decided to smile upon me and bless me with – wait for it,

One two year old with chicken pox and croup, one six month old with croup and terrible ear infections, and a scary ear infection side effect that closely resembled a *stroke* (wtf) and a husband that was away on business for a nice chunk of it. (ok Josh, I exaggerate your availability slightly). Oh, and two trips to the ER.

Did I mention I haven’t slept in about two weeks?

Phew. I have gone back to drinking coffee – lots and lots of coffee- which my six month old with the ear infection seems to appreciate. But I’m STILL standing, yes ma’am.

Anyway, this was all a very long winded explanation for why I haven’t posted in FOREVER. Not quite an apology, even though I kind of feel like making one.

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  1. lauragaby said:

    Very descriptive … but you neglected to mention that you are also running 13-20 miles at a time in preparation for a Marathon. HOW DO YOU DO IT ALL? Well done for making this all happen. I hope the babies get well and Josh decides to make dinner once in a while.

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