Shopping for deals and ideas

I went thrifting today with my friend Andi.  We saw a little gem at one place, but I thought it was a little pricey at $120:

We also saw an awesome midcentury ‘pecan’ dining room table at a decent price–the table was about $50 and each of the six chairs were $50.  The table is from 1956.  I neglected to take pictures of the table and the website photo doesn’t do justice to the lovely architecture of the woodwork–but suffice it to say, I would have snapped it up if I had not just gotten two thirds of the way through refinishing the table I found at Karl’s.

Not much else happening at the consignment angle, so we went across the street to Dwelling, the “if I had money” store.  The Dwelling showroom is a rehabbed old warehouse filled with lots and lots of beautiful pieces to dream about.  Two ceramic end tables (priced at roughly $600 and $400 respectively) made me rethink my earlier assessment of the ceramic end table I had seen across the street.

Here are a few more of the fun things we saw:

Love this orange trellis carpet!

Some fun pillows:

And some interesting light fixtures:

Should I go back to the consignment store and buy the table?

  1. Super cute, but just a tad too expensive for me unfortunately.

  2. lauragaby said:

    lThe white thing looks like an urn – are there old ashes in there? But i like the throw pillows!

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