Great alternative to the double stroller

We are city dwellers so strollers are our main mode of transportation. I seem to have accumulated a few of these contraptions–a bugaboo as our main single, a McClaren volo umbrella, a Bob iron man jogger, and now with number two, a Bob Dualie double jogger.  The double Bob is great, but sometimes it is just a little too big. I wanted an alternative to the double stroller–for those times when the double is just too inconvenient–like when we are going to a restaurant, or if we are driving anywhere. (We have as tiny car and the Bob Dualie definitely does not fit in the trunk).   I searched around on the interweb and found an awesome sit and stand board that attaches onto any stroller with an axle.  It is the Kid-Sit from Kleine Dreumes.  


This is the best skate board attachment I have seen.  The Kid-Sit is super easy to attach to your stroller–there are two little plastic buckles that strap on to the axle.  It is pretty narrow and is easy to walk behind.  The seat can be removed if you want to use it only as a skate board.  When you are not using the board you can latch the board up and out of the way without removing it entirely.  

The Kid-Sit works great for older siblings that are at least two years old.  Any younger, and I think it might just be too tiring  or difficult for them.  We love it!  Other kids love it too and always want a ride.  Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the best part –the price tag.  The Kid-Sit only costs 120 Euro. 





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