To do list – Two upcoming projects

Here are two projects I’d like to get done in the next two weeks or so.

Project #1

First, I’d like to reupholster this pair of chairs I got off Craig’s list.  I didn’t really need two more chairs in my house, but these looked cool and maybe art deco, and the guy only wanted a ‘best offer’ for the pair.

ImageI am looking for a navy blue chevron-type pattern in an indoor/outdoor fabric.  Haven’t found it yet, but this is an example of what I am looking for.


This is a beautiful pillow from Etsy.  I think I might have to get a pair of these pillows, I love them so much!

Project #2

Second, I plan to refinish this lovely midcentury modern night stand I ‘trash picked.’  Seriously, it was almost like this thing fell out of the sky.  I have been kind of obsessed with midcentury modern recently, and I really need a night stand for my side of the bed.  I was poking around on Etsy and saw loads of great examples of nightstands, but the ones I liked were all a little bit more than my meagre budget could handle. Then I was walking in to work and saw this on the corner with a sign that said ‘take me.’


I’m pretty sure it is teak because it is so fricking heavy.  I love the copper handles and feet.  I plan to sand and refinish, and then silver leaf the metal bits.  (I still haven’t learnt my lesson regarding silver leafing–but that is the subject of another post)


  1. I just ordered those pillows from etsy for my living room mini makeover. Love them! Glad I found your blog today 🙂 Kristin

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