On the path to a grownup master bath

I was poking around on Houzz, which is one of my favorite ways to procrastinate (and get inspired), and I came across an awesome idea book on coral.  I loved one of the pictures the author posted so much, that I decided to start designing the bathroom around the prints (from pixiepixels on Etsy):


I picked a slightly lighter (and in my view, beach-ier) blue shade for the paint.  I used Sherwin Williams zero voc Harmony paint in Wishful Blue, number 6813.  I like to use ‘eggshell” which is a little less glossy than a semi-gloss, because I feel that a little shine lightens up rooms, and I like being able to wipe off the inevitable and ubiquitous little hand prints. I wanted to give you a paint chip, but Sherwin Williams’ website doesn’t seem to be working.  I’ll supply it later.

I am a terrible photographer, so the color doesn’t really come out here, but this is what the room looked like with its new coat:


I was flirting with the idea of painting the laundry hamper gold. Haha!  I only sprayed the top to see what it looked like but my husband hated it, so I think I’ll go back to white.  I will probably eventually get a new hamper, since this one has been around for eons and I kind of hate it, but paint is a nice cheap alternative to an expensive new hamper for the moment.

Anyway, then I hung the set of prints.  (I got the frames and mats from Utrecht for $20 each.  I’m sure Michaels has something similar for cheaper, but Michaels was too far away and I didn’t want to deal with a mat cutter–plus their website is not super helpful.  




It looks like I hung them pretty high, but I’m thinking of putting a basket or something on top of the toilet.  I’d also like to find a full length mirror or cute little storage cabinet or shelf for between the toilet and the shower.  I also want to find a nice luxurious bath mat…



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  1. lauragaby said:

    I like the gold hamper!

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